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Our Story

Delicious & Authentic

Who doesn't love great Food ? We believe its an essential bonding element- we laugh, we celebrate, we work –all around food table. That’s what brought us together as friends to start this journey on building a company that can provide authentic food from around the world to the locals and expats alike.


Foodgasm is an idea with which we make authentic recipes with our experienced chefs - right here in this city of lights - Eindhoven!  Our recipes will provide you a great culinary experience and flavours that you can only find in the finest of restaurants in the country of origin of our dishes.


We are committed to build a business that is sustainable therefor we have invested a lot to ensure we can reduce as much land-fill as possible via the food packaging. We pack and deliver our food in re-usable glass jars and 100% bio-degradable paper packaging as we care about yours and ours future generation. You will love to collect our jars-  it’s a revolution that we hope can start and improve the way on how food is delivered.  

We are starting with Indian cuisine with our chef who has years of experience in five star and cruise liner kitchens. We serve a limited menu with changing recipes every few weeks- so you are never bored of our food! We will soon be adding Mexican and Oriental cuisine as well! But for now, try our Indian cuisine and let us know what you like and where we can improve.

Our Story: About Us
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